About Us

Robert Koch
Founder, DeafintheCloud.com

Robert in action Robert has long been a software developer and right now, as an Lead Architect at S&P Global Platts, he has been deep in research and helping with implementation of various architectural patterns. He enjoys helping guide developers and business stakeholders using proven architectural patterns benefiting everyone involved, especially customers. Robert has been deaf since birth however that isn't going to stop him from helping others the same way people helped him alongside his career path. Residing in Colorado with his wife and 3 homeschooled kids, Robert enjoys biking, climbing, and going to baseball games.

Adam Stone, Ph.D.

Adam taking a sip of coffee I'm a data scientist at Convo. I first cut my teeth on data programming and statistics while working on my Ph.D. in Educational Neuroscience at Gallaudet University. I used Matlab and R for my dissertation data analysis of infants' brain responses to visual linguistic and non-linguistic patterning. At Convo, I do data engineering, analytics engineering, data science, data analysis, and whatever new neologisms have popped up in the meantime to make sure our data is flowing into the right places and is easily retrieved, understood, and interpreted by different business teams. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, where my husband and I enjoy the great view of a 1,000-year-old castle from our kitchen window.