Topics Ideas

This would be an interesting user group. We're signers and we're pratically going to be do cutting-edge presentation ideas virtually. Most of us only have one screen so we can see the signers on one, while watching the slides on the other. Also signers do not have the ability to "show the code" while saying something at the same time since our hands are full on the computer. This will be interesting and we're going to come up with great presentation styles! From great ideas comes innovation, which begets evolutionary leaps -- or that's what I'd like to think.

Please email if you got a topic to present. Presenters, experienced or newbies, are always welcome! I hope we'd have opportunities to provide feedback, umm, constructive criticism to help us along and of course I'd hope you'd have the opportunity to do it again and again regardless of how you did the presentation before. It's not easy but we can help one another.