Troubleshooting AWS Deployments

Wednesday July 8th, 2020 - 8pm-10pm EST. Meeting is done!

Darren Weiner explaining the Well-Architected Framework

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Deaf in the Cloud hosted by Robert Koch presents Troubleshooting AWS Deployments with Darren Weiner.

Imagine for a minute you're working with a cloud provider and provisioning features left and right; all of a sudden someone else runs a cloud formation script and broke something! We will do a deep-dive into a typical AWS VPC design and discussing well-architected designs. There'll be a live demostration, and if you have your own AWS account, you can follow along. Of course, many of those tips you will pick up can help you in one of your future exams.

Darren Weiner
His meetup group

Presented in American Sign Language (ASL). We will have an American Sign Language interpreter also available to voice and take in questions from our non-signers audience.